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I’m excited about the new RYF-certified routers from ThinkPenguin

I just learned that on Wednesday, the FSF awarded the RYF certification to the Think Penguin TPE-NWIFIROUTER wireless router.

I didn’t find this information directly published up front, but simply: It is a re-branded TP-Link TL-841ND modded to be running libreCMC.

I’ve been a fan of the TL-841/740 line of routers for several years now. They are dirt cheap (if you go to Newegg and sort by “cheapest,” it’s frequently the TL-740N), are extremely reliable, and run OpenWRT like a champ. They are my go-to routers.

(And they sure beat the snot out of the Arris TG862 that it seems like everyone has in their homes now. I hate that thing, it even has buggy packet scheduling.)

So this announcement is doublytriply exciting for me:

I hope to get libreCMC installed on my boxes this weekend!